Fertility Preservation

Are you thinking about starting a family but you think it’s not the right time yet? Don’t worry, it is normal that you have these doubts. In the end, the perfect time to do it is up to you. However, if it is something you would like to consider in the
future, fertility preservation would be an ideal treatment for you.

In this informative video you will find one of our doctors explaining this treatment in detail, but if you prefer you can call us or send us a message, we will be happy to help you!

What does Fertility Preservation consist of?

Fertility preservation is the appropriate treatment for those women who want to postpone the project of motherhood. With the vitrification (freezing) of your eggs, it is achieved that these maintain their reproductive capacity until the time to be used.

Ideally, this should be done before reaching 35 years of age, since after this age, the ovary begins an aging process and the eggs lose reproductive quality.

We explain it step by step

The process (usually) lasts more than 15 days and begins coinciding with the first days of menstruation. Sometimes it is necessary to take contraceptives to synchronize the whole process.

The stimulation of the ovary for follicular and oocyte development is induced by gonadotropins. Follicular growth is monitored by serial vaginal ultrasounds. Each woman responds differently to ovarian stimulation so it is a personalized process.

After about 12 days of stimulation, the follicles reach 20 mm in diameter and it is time for puncture ovarian for oocyte retrieval; under sedation and monitored by ultrasound.

The oocytes obtained are vitrified with cryoprotective substances and submerged in liquid nitrogen at -196°C. This new technique replaces slow freezing, which was less effective in terms of egg survival. With this new method, egg survival is over 80%.

Your eggs will remain frozen until the moment you decide to take the step to form your family. When you do, the In Vitro Fertilization process (link to this page) will be started, either with your partner’s sperm or with the sperm of an anonymous donor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of vitrification?

Oocyte freezing brings many advantages when starting the process of becoming mothers. There is no need to repeat ovulation induction, it increases the chances of pregnancy and decreases the future investment, since the thawing cycle is much cheaper.

What is egg freezing for?

Egg vitrification is used in fertility preservation treatments, when the man does not give the sperm sample in an IVF cycle for use and, finally, to preserve embryos that have not been transferred to the womb in an IVF cycle.

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