What is Embryo Adoption?

When In Vitro Fertilization is performed, the embryos that are not transferred at that moment to the woman’s uterus, can be cryopreserved voluntarily to be donated. In this way, women or couples who wish to do so can anonymously help others to become parents.


What is the probability of success of Embryo Adoption?

The probability of success of each embryo transfer is up to 49% and reaches up to 90% by the third or fourth attempt. In addition, since the eggs and sperm are donated, the age of the recipient does not influence this percentage.

How does Embryo Adoption work?

This treatment is indicated for single mothers, heterosexual couples or homosexual couples.

Before starting any treatment, it is essential that you, whether you are a single mother-to-be or a couple, arrange a first visit with us. In this consultation, the doctor will review your medical history with the information you provide, in addition to requesting any analytical tests that may be necessary.

After this, and when our doctor has decided which treatment is best suited to you, our patient care team will contact you to inform you of your personalized budget.

In order to prepare the uterus for embryo implantation, the recipient will receive an estrogen-based hormone treatment. This will be synchronized with the onset of the menstrual period and, in addition to medication, several ultrasounds will be necessary.

When this phase is completed, the embryo transfer will be performed. This is an extremely simple and painless process, so it does not require sedation. The chosen embryos are implanted by means of a fine cannula, which usually takes no more than 20 minutes.

After 15 days the first pregnancy test is performed and if it is positive, we do an ultrasound to confirm. If everything goes as expected, congratulations, you are pregnant!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of patients resort to embryo adoption?

Patients resort to this type of treatment in cases of previous IVF failures or in cases of previous abortions. Patients in menopause, patients with limiting genetic factors, patients with ovarian problems also resort to this treatment.

Where do the embryos come from?

From couples who have previously undergone an assisted reproduction treatment, who have obtained a pregnancy, do not want to have more children and therefore decide to donate the surplus embryos.

What requirements must the couple who donates embryos meet?

Since we are dealing with genetic material from couples who have already undergone an assisted reproduction treatment in accordance with the law, the embryos already have all the requisites that the law requires.

Is embryo donation anonymous?

Yes. Completely.

What are the criteria for assigning embryos?

The donor and the recipient patient must match in terms of phenotype. Also, there must be blood compatibility.

How does the adoption of embryos take place?

As with any other assisted reproduction treatment, you need to go to a specialized center so that a professional can evaluate the case and indicate the best therapeutic solution. Subsequently, it will be sufficient to carry out a preparation of the uterus, so that it can receive the donated embryos in the best conditions.

Who determines the quantity of embryos to be transferred?

The couple or the recipient single patient, but always taking into account the medical indications.

How much does an embryo adoption cost?

At Fivmadrid, the cost of an embryo adoption is €2,695.

How many embryos are usually obtained from an egg donation?

The quantity of embryos obtained depends on the follicular reserve of the donor and on the response of the latter to the stimulation treatment.

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