Nahia, in Basque, means “desire” and also “aspiration” or “will”. A pretty word that becomes our acronym:

Natural, Accessible, Human, Assisted Insemination

The NAHIA Assisted Insemination program is a novel way to continue by your side on the path that leads you to the realization of your family project.

It is a simple insemination with semen from a legally recognized gamete bank, during a natural ovulatory cycle. You will only have to go to the clinic on the day of insemination.

How does the NAHIA program work?

  • Phone or online first contact

We will assess your medical history and inform you about the possibilities of getting pregnant using this method. We will indicate which are the necessary preliminary tests in your specific case and we will advise you on the ovulation control kits available. Once we have the test results, you will continue the process.

We will review with you the results of your previous analyzes and we will explain how to start the control of your ovulation with the following menstruation.

  • Ovulation Control

At home, with the ovulation kit and the associated APP (optional) you will control your ovulation, and when you are ovulating, we will schedule the insemination.

  • Insemination

It consists of the introduction into the uterine cavity of a selected semen sample from a bank. The procedure is simple and painless, and takes between 10 and 15 minutes. If you have a partner, you can participate in this act if you wish.

  • Pregnancy test

14 days after insemination, you will do the pregnancy test.


Motherhood is your “Nahia”, your gesture of affirmation, and we will be by your side to make Nahia go from being a word to becoming life.