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If you are thinking about becoming a mother, or starting a family, and you have heard about artificial insemination, you will have many doubts about what it is, what it consists of and how it can help you get pregnant. From FIVMadrid we can solve your doubts backed by more than 30 years of experience in Assisted Human Reproduction.


What is the success rate of artificial insemination?

The success of a pregnancy depends on many factors, among them, the woman’s age. From the age of 38 onwards, the number of pregnancies decreases considerably. This technique is of low complexity and simulates the process of natural
pregnancy with the favorable difference of the sperm capacitation that is performed and that increases the percentage of success in relation to the traditional method of reproduction. In a Homologous Insemination (couple), the average pregnancy rate per cycle is 15%.
In a Heterologous Insemination (donor), the average pregnancy rate per cycle is 25%.

Artificial Insemination Madrid: what is it?

It is one of the simplest assisted reproduction techniques to perform. It consists of introducing the sperm of the couple (IAC), or from a donor (IAD), properly prepared in the laboratory, into the uterus with a fine cannula. For greater guarantees of success, this is done when the woman has
This process is minimally invasive, as it is the fertility treatment that most closely resembles natural insemination, is of low complexity and respects the natural environment of the gametes.

Artificial insemination (AI) can be indicated when the woman’s fallopian tubes are permeable and the REM (Motile Sperm Recovery) exceeds 3 million spermatozoa
The selected semen sample is analyzed to determine sperm quality and quantity using the REM (Motile Sperm Recovery) test. The sample must have more than 3 million spermatozoa if a good result is to be obtained. In addition, the sample must be free of HIV, hepatitis or syphilis.

What types of artificial insemination are there?

Depending on who provides the sperm sample, there are two types of artificial insemination

  • Conjugal artificial insemination (CAI): The sample used in the treatment is from the couple.
  • Donor or heterologous artificial insemination (DI): In this case the sperm comes from a sperm bank.

In artificial insemination clinics, such as FIVMadrid, you will have the option to choose between both options according to your situation and desires. Because in our clinic you form the family you choose.

What is artificial insemination like?

Although in artificial insemination clinics the procedure can be performed in different ways, there are a series of steps that are common and necessary, so we are going to tell you about the 4 phases of this treatment:

The beginning is marked by the onset of a new cycle with menstruation. Ovulation control must be carried out by means of serial ultrasound scans and
can be carried out in two types of cycle:

  • Natural cycle: controlling your spontaneous ovulatory cycle.
  • Stimulated cycle: with gonadotropins and controlling your ovulatory cycle, in order to obtain 1 or 2 ovarian follicles of good quality.

This ovulation control phase lasts 8 to 15 days and requires 2-3 ultrasounds.
The second modality usually obtains better results, as well as a better control of the ovulatory cycle.
Once the follicles have reached the appropriate number and size, a dose of hCG hormone is administered to induce ovulation and, 36 hours later, artificial insemination is scheduled.

On the same day that the artificial insemination is to be performed, the semen sample is collected from the couple to be prepared in the laboratory. This sample must be obtained after a period of sexual abstinence of 3 to 5 days. The sample is then washed and capacitated (activation of the fertilizing capacity).
The donor semen is thawed and follows the same capacitation steps to select the most active spermatozoa.

It is a painless procedure performed on the day of ovulation. It does not require sedation. It lasts between 5 and 10 minutes and you can go on with your normal life after the artificial insemination.

The pregnancy test is performed two weeks after the date of insemination. Progesterone is usually administered orally or vaginally to facilitate implantation of the embryo in the endometrium.
The test can be done with a normal test or with a blood test for beta-hCG hormone that will determine if you are pregnant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of patients/couples should consider Artificial Insemination as a therapeutic option?

Men with low sperm count and women suffering from ovulatory dysfunction of unknown origin, cervical factor or endometriosis.

What are the clinical requirements to undergo an artificial insemination process?

In the case of women, that the tubes are permeable. In the case of man, that the sperm contains more than 3 million motile sperm cells.

How long does the artificial insemination process last?

Two weeks. It begins on the fifth day of menstruation, and insemination takes place once the follicles have been generated.

What tests need to be performed before an artificial insemination?

In the case of men, a sperm test. In the case of the woman, a study of the permeability of the fallopian tubes, hormonal tests and an ultrasound.

What happens after insemination?

Natural micronized progesterone must be taken vaginally to promote pregnancy.

Is insemination painful?

No. It’s a painless procedure.

How much does artificial insemination cost?

At Fivmadrid, the cost of an artificial insemination is €700. If you also need to use donor sperm, the cost increases by €350. It should be emphasized that the probability of getting pregnant using the artificial insemination technique is not very high, so Fivmadrid offers a very cheap pack of three inseminations, to help you to get pregnant.

Where can I undergo an artificial insemination treatment?

Insemination is a technique that must be provided by a specialized team. Fivmadrid has been offering assisted reproduction treatments for more than 30 years.

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