fivmadrid, more than 30 years making your dream family come true

Starting a family is one of the most exciting andexciting projects in life. Deciding, preparing, imagining yourself with that or those people and enjoying them.

At fivmadrid we know what we do. We are part of this enthusiasm that life brings, with experience and science that allows us to provide you with the support you deserve.

The history of fivmadrid

Since 1992, we have helped more than 50.000 women in their search for motherhood. At fivmadrid we have tried to be at the forefront in understanding the requirements and sensitivities of all those women who wanted to become mothers.

We were the first assisted reproduction clinic to have a section on our website exclusively dedicated to single women and lesbian couples (homomarental families). In addition, we have made an effort to make visible and appreciate the diversity in terms of family types that coexist in society today and that for us it is important to highlight in order to normalize them.

Currently, fivmadrid is attended by heterosexual couples, lesbians, single women, women worried about their future motherhood, women 40+; without any complexes and all with the same goal: to be mothers.

At fivmadrid we welcome all of them with open arms, offering them a personal, exclusive and diverse treatment for each group.

Reasons to trust FIVMadrid



More than 30 years of clinical experience and more than 40 years of research in Reproductive Medicine. First scientific work published (The fetus as a patient. JANO, 593: 34, 1982) from the United States.



Pioneers in clinical protocols of ovarian stimulation currently accepted for their usefulness in Assisted Reproduction. More than 300 scientific communications and several research awards.



Personalized attention. We attend each case with the empathy and motivation it deserves.

97% of patients would recommend fivmadrid (Satisfaction Survey 2019). First clinic in Spain to promote and help single women and lesbians to become mothers.


Financing and affordable prices

Assisted reproduction treatments at affordable prices so that you can become a mother. We will give you a personalized financing plan that allows flexibility of payments and we will break down all the tests and attempts you have contracted.

fivmadrid Foundation, science and heart

The fivmadrid Foundation was created in 2009 with the following aims:

  • Clinical research oriented mainly to develop ovarian stimulation protocols that improve follicular recruitment and reduce the side effects of Assisted Reproduction Treatments.
  • Study on fertility preservation in oncological patients through oocyte freezing by vitrification.
  • To develop scientific-technological experimental trials that contribute to the clarification of the molecular basis of infertility disorders.
  • To determine the psychological impact of treatments for reproductive dysfunctions.
  • Development of social activities on fertility, using new communication platforms.

Do you have any doubts?

Since 1992, we have brought more than 50.000 children into the world.
fivmadrid, where children come from