Are you looking for a fertility treatment to become a mom and dad?

The time has come to take the big step: to become parents. However, after trying several times you do not get the result you expected. Nowadays, with all the options that exist, it is a small bump that you will easily overcome. Finding the right treatment to get pregnant can be complicated, but at fivmadrid we are here to help you.

How do you begin treatment to become parents?

The first step to start assisted reproduction with us is to make a first appointment. This can be either on-line or in person. Here we can resolve all the doubts that may arise and you can make the decision with all the information possible. We know that this is a big step you are about to take, so we will be with you at all times.

On this first visit, it is important that you bring as much information as possible so that we can get to know you thoroughly. Your medical history will dictate which treatment is right for you, as well as the complementary tests, which will indicate the fertility of both of you.

After this, it will be time for our specialized medical staff to choose the treatment that best suits you. We will explain the procedure step by step, while our patient care team will contact you to give you a personalized quote.

The time that elapses between this first session and the beginning of the treatment will depend on whether we have enough information for our doctor to diagnose a treatment clearly and safely. As soon as this is possible, we can start the process directly!

How many pregnancy treatments are there?

Parenting by Artificial Insemination

This is the simplest and least intrusive method. It is performed when the woman has ovulated and consists of introducing the sperm of the partner or a donor into the woman’s uterus through a fine cannula. It is similar to the natural method, but with greater guarantees of success.

In Vitro Fertilization

This is a fertilization that occurs outside the body. It is performed in a laboratory dish and about 3-5 days later the embryos are transferred into the woman’s uterus. This method is usually performed when other less expensive and simpler methods have failed, although it can also be chosen directly depending on the woman’s age or the functionality of her fallopian tubes.

Do you know the Ovodonation?

In this case an In Vitro Fertilization is performed, but the eggs used come from an anonymous donor. The sperm, on the other hand, can be from the couple or from a donor. This donation undergoes exhaustive controls to check its genetic suitability and will be chosen in favor of the similarity with the parents.

We accompany you in the process

Choosing assisted reproduction is a big step to take and at fivmadrid you can count on us at all times. We are available to answer any questions you may have. Our warm and close treatment will make this experience unique and unrepeatable.

We are just a phone call or message away!

Pricing and Financing

Each treatment is fully customized to each couple, so the budget will vary depending on your needs. You can get an idea of what each treatment includes, and when we have tailored it perfectly to you, our patient care team will contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the male factor determined in case of infertility?

To evaluate the male factor, a seminogram will be performed to determine if there are contraindications in the number of spermatozoa, in their morphology, in their motility or a combination of all of these.

If a complete study is necessary, it is complemented with: karyotype, microdeletions in the Y chromosome, CFTR gene mutations (cystic fibrosis) and
meiosis alterations.

Depending on the degree of the seminal alteration, we will recommend: Artificial Insemination, In Vitro Fertilization and/or Testicular Biopsy + ICSI.

What is the MACs method?

The MACs method, which stands for Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting, is a technique that aims to select the spermatozoa with the best genetic qualities.

What does FISH analysis consist of?

FISH analysis, or fluorescence in situ hybridization, is performed in order to indicate the number of chromosomes and if there are aneuploidies in the

A greater presence of aneuploidies is related to patients whose seminograms appear altered. This could be the causative factor of implantation failures and miscarriages.

What is the sperm DNA fragmentation test for?

It is used to determine sperm DNA fragmentation, which is related to infertility in males. This is determined using the technique called COMET, which was used for the first time in Spain by fivmadrid.

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If you would like to learn more about our procedures, our website contains all the information you need. If you have any questions about your fertility treatment, you can call us or send us a message, your family starts here!

Your family starts here!

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