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Families are diverse and at fivmadrid we want to embrace that diversity. Every day, we help more women to become mothers and with us, you will be able to form the family you have longed for. The ROPA method, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization for lesbian couples are options among which our team of medical specialists will decide according to your case.

Get to know us: First visit for lesbian moms:

In the first visit, the doctor will evaluate your medical history and analyze the information you provide. This consultation will serve to clarify your doubts.
If you do not have a previous analysis, a series of analyses will be requested in order to obtain information about the functionality of the ovary, the permeability of the tubes and the suitability of the uterine cavity of both women, according to treatment and the role of each one in the gestation of the baby.

With the information of the treatment to be performed, the patient care department of fivmadrid will make you an individualized budget explaining the financing modalities available.
The treatment will begin 30 to 45 days after the first visit if the analyses were not available, and almost immediately if they were available.

How can fivmadrid help you to become mothers?

The ROPA method is the treatment par excellence for future lesbian mothers, but artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization or ovodonation are also possibilities to be considered, and all of them can be performed at fivmadrid.

Artificial insemination between two women

Artificial insemination for a couple of two women is performed with donor sperm, previously prepared, which is introduced into the uterus of one or both members of the couple. It is the form of assisted reproduction that is most similar to the natural environment of conception and has very satisfactory results.

In Vitro Fertilization two women

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is also a good method for two women to start a family. The sperm would come from a donor and the insemination of the egg would be performed

Ovodonation treatment for recipient

When the oocytes of the mothers are aged or there is some other circumstance where it is not possible to use the eggs of either of you, there is the possibility of resorting to ovodonation, with donor eggs.

Fertilization ROPA Method

The ROPA method is the assisted reproduction treatment par excellence for couples of two women. It uses the oocytes of one of the women of the couple to fertilize it in vitro with donor sperm and inoculate it in the uterus of the other. In this way, both future mothers are involved in the process and live an experience that will unite you even more.

We accompany you during pregnancy

At fivmadrid you will feel more supported than ever. Our team of professionals will be with you at all times and will provide you with the support and peace of mind that you need in this type of procedure: a treatment for patients that has been improved over more than 30 years of experience.

Price and financing for assisted reproduction

fivmadrid’s prices are as low as possible because we know the important work we do and we believe that fulfilling your desire to become a mother should not be restrictive in terms of price. In fact, if you have the treatment with us, the first visit will be totally free. We also have a flexible 0% financing plan.
You can read more at: Financing

Frequently Asked Questions: fivmadrid wants to help you

What are the reasons why I don't get pregnant?

Every body is different and there are a large number of conditions that affect fertility. That is why a study is done where our specialized staff can determine what treatment can help you have a baby.

What hormonal problems prevent pregnancy?

Hormonal disturbances are one of the most frequent causes of infertility in women. The levels of prolactin, gonadotropin hormones (LH and FSH), progesterone, testosterone, estrogen and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) can affect conception and pregnancy.

How to increase a woman's fertility?

Diet, lifestyle, stress, genetic predisposition… all can affect a woman’s fertility. Leading a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, frequent moderate exercise and emotional stability will make her more receptive but there are other factors in which the mother or mothers will need help from fivmadrid.

Pregnancy success at fivmadrid


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