First appointment

The time has come to start your family project and you may not know where to begin. You have heard about ovodonation treatment, IVF treatment… and many more medical terms that may overwhelm you. Don’t worry, our professionals at fivmadrid will be at your side to solve your doubts and accompany you along the way.

Before making any decision about which solution would be the right one for you or for you, it is essential that we arrange a first visit in order to properly assess the to properly evaluate the reproductive dysfunction and advise you on a fertility treatment This consultation can be done in person or on-line, we adapt to you!

What will we need in this first visit?

In this first contact, it is important that you bring all the information you have and your ID card. If you have a medical history it will allow us to get to know you will allow us to know you better and it will be decisive when choosing one treatment or another.

In case you do not have them, we will ask you for the pertinent analyses to complement your profile. It usually includes analysis of the functionality of the ovary, the permeability of the tubes and the adequacy of the uterine cavity. This may slightly delay the start of fertility treatment, but it is imperative that we know everything thoroughly to be able to offer you the best possible diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, this first consultation also allows you to clarify any doubts that may have arisen. However, we will be at your disposal during the whole process throughout the whole process to resolve any questions you may have.

Time for diagnosis

Once our doctor has analyzed all the information, it will be time to diagnose a treatment. Your fertility and age will be a determining factor when choosing a method of assisted reproduction, in order to maximize the chances of success

When the decision is made, we will contact you to inform you of the perfect treatment for you. We will explain the reasons for this choice, the medications needed and the expected results. We want you to be fully included in the process.

At the same time, our patient care team will notify you of the budget for this investment and explain the different financing options available.

Do you have any doubts?

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