Fertility Treatments

Thanks to technological advances and the improvement in the knowledge of human reproduction, starting a family is within the reach of anyone who wishes to do so. The fertility treatments we offer at fivmadrid have allowed us to achieve successful pregnancies since 1992, always adapting to the needs of each patient.

We offer a personalized treatment for each type of family, whether you are a heterosexual couple, a lesbian couple or a single mother-to-be- our doctors will attend you with the maximum closeness and professionalism possible.

Which pregnancy treatment is right for me?

We are very proud to say that we offer 6 fertility treatments, so, without any
doubt, there will be a perfect one for each patient.

The Artificial Insemination method, on the one hand, is the simplest of them all. As it is the one that most closely resembles the natural method, it is the one that involves the fewest steps. However, it is not always possible to use this treatment to ensure a successful pregnancy.

If due to genetic conditions, age, obstruction of the Fallopian tubes, male factor or
infertility of unknown origin, male factor or infertility of unknown origin, artificial insemination treatment is not possible, In Vitro Fertilization will be recommended. It can be performed either with the woman’s own eggs or by Ovodonation, which can be performed with the woman’s own eggs. Ovodonation, the same happens
with the sperm.

On the other hand, we also offer the Adoption of Embryos from Assisted Reproduction treatments that are donated voluntarily and anonymously.

We also have the ROPA Method,, which aims to enable double motherhood in lesbian couples.

If, on the other hand, you wish to start a family but you think that this is not the right time for it, we also offer Fertility Preservation treatments, so that you can decide when to take the big step.

How to choose a fertility treatment?

Today, there are different types of families, so no two treatments are the same. treatments are not the same. The decision as to which method of Assisted Reproduction is the most the right one in each case will be based on the existence or not of a reproductive dysfunction and always agreed with the doctor in the first visit.

In this first consultation your reproductive and medical history will be analyzed; in addition to requesting the necessary analytical tests and our patient care team will inform you of your personalized budget.

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Your satisfaction is the most important thing for us, that’s why we have the best professionals, who in addition to working to achieve the desired results, will treat you in the warmest and closest possible way. Making this experience comfortable and positive is our top priority. There is a fertility treatment perfect for you and we are just a phone call or message away (link to contact) to form the family you have always wanted.

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Since 1992, we have brought more than 50.000 children into the world.
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