What should we avoid in pregnancy search?


What should we avoid

  • Coffee: preferably 1 coffee a day.
  • Tobacco: eliminating it would be ideal.
  • Alcohol: minimizing it is beneficial for our health in general, if it can be eliminated without causing burden or stress, even better.
  • Endocrine disruptors: endocrine disruptors are chemical compounds that could alter the functioning of different systems in our body.
    There is still a lot of research in this regard, but it is advisable to be careful and avoid: Teflon pans, canned food (prioritize food in glass), plastic containers (especially if you are going to heat food) and plastic bottles (switch to stainless steel or glass bottles). If you use cosmetics on a daily basis, it may be advisable to use specialized brands of natural assets.

What about the weight

Both being overweight and underweight can have a negative impact on fertility.

A balanced body mass index is good for our health, but achieving that harmony is not an easy task for everyone. It’s not just about eating right and exercising. For many people it is somewhat more complex, so we recommend that if you need to balance your weight, you put yourself in hands of professionals to evaluate your case and seek a multidisciplinary approach that helps reaching your goal.

Do I need to eliminate gluten? Cow’s dairy? Avoid any other food?


For all these and other recommendations, it is necessary to make an individual evaluation and personalized advice adapted to each case. If you have digestive problems that you think may be related to gluten, it would be wise to perform celiac disease tests before eliminating it.