Partner to partner egg donation is a treatment which makes it possible for both members of a lesbian couple to share maternity. One of them contributes the eggs and the other provides the uterus for gestation. Ovarian stimulation and puncture are required to obtain the eggs. This is similar to IVF. The eggs are fertilized with sperm from an anonymous donor. As regards sperm donors, FIVMadrid works with several sperm banks in Spain and abroad. These banks have many years’ experience in the field and we have achieved very good pregnancy rates with them. It is possible to choose a donor with specific physical characteristics and blood group.

The partner who will carry out the gestation will receive a hormone treatment (endometrium preparation) before receiving one or two embryos.

The success of partner to partner egg donation will depend on the quality of the eggs, just like any other assisted reproduction procedure. This is closely linked to the woman’s age. After the age of 35, the eggs deteriorate significantly.