Medical staff of FivMadrid

The first time you visit FIVMadrid to consult with us regarding your reproductive dysfunction, you will be evaluated by a medical gynaecologist specializing in assisted reproduction. The term reproductive dysfunction has replaced ‘infertile’ and ‘sterile’. In our opinion, these terms are obsolete and are not in keeping with the success obtained by the assisted reproductive treatments available today.

The first visit with your doctor will include an evaluation of your medical history and analysis of the information you provide. If you have a partner, ideally, you should both attend. This will enable both of you to be involved in adapting the treatment schedule to meet your work requirements. This consultation usually takes one hour, giving you enough time to ask questions and clear up any doubts you may have. During this visit, we will create an individualized plan to determine the causes of the reproductive dysfunction. The origin is male in 40% of cases, female in 40% and a combination of the two in 20%. These are some of the most common pathologies we find: In the male, alterations in semen number and quality. In the female, age (over 35), polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, premature ovarian failure, Fallopian tube diseases, recurrent miscarriages and dysfunctions of unknown origin.

If you have already visited another clinic, it is important that you bring all the information you have available. If you do not bring any tests with you, a series of tests will be ordered. The purpose is to obtain information about ovary functionality, Fallopian tube permeability and the suitability of the uterine cavity to receive the embryo. For the man, a semen analysis will be done to analyze sperm number and function. If the consultation is regarding repeated miscarriages, specific tests will be necessary.

In 80% of cases, it is possible to make a diagnosis based on the test results. However, 20% of reproductive dysfunctions are of unknown origin and cannot be identified with the tests currently available.

After the diagnosis is made, a personalized treatment plan will be recommended. This will adapt to your work life and take such important factors as age, how many years you have been trying for a family and the results of previous treatments into account. At FIVMadrid, the time between your first visit and the start of treatment is usually one month.

Lastly, you will also meet with a financial adviser, who will explain the cost of the treatment you will be undergoing in detail. At FIVMadrid, we want to make your dreams come true. For this reason, we have set affordable prices to allow you to become a mother.