Egg and embryo freezing by vitrification and later preservation in liquid nitrogen (-196ºC) has replaced slow freezing, which was less effective in terms of survival.

Oocyte vitrification is the ideal technique for women who are concerned about fertility preservation. It is also possible to preserve the eggs when the male is unable to provide a semen sample during an IVF cycle, making them available without having to do another cycle.

Embryo freezing allows us to preserve the embryos which are not transferred to the womb during an IVF cycle. Having good frozen embryos available offers couples certain advantages, including: not having to repeat ovulation induction, increased chances of pregnancy and lower costs, as the thaw cycle is much less expensive.

At FIVMadrid we only freeze embryos which meet strict criteria for morphological quality and therefore have high implantation potential.

The post-thaw egg and embryo survival rate is over 80%.