This technique involves introducing a selected semen sample from a donor into the patient’s uterine cavity. Some women request the natural cycle method. However, we normally do personalized gentle stimulation with FSH in order to recruit 2-3 follicles in the ovary. Follicular growth is monitored through a series of ultrasounds. Once the follicle reaches maturity (more than 18 mm in diameter), ovulation is triggered with hCG. 40 hours later, the intrauterine insemination is performed. This is a painless procedure, takes five minutes and requires no sedation. Following the intrauterine insemination, the patient can go about her normal life. She must also take progesterone. A pregnancy test is taken after two weeks.

At FIVMadrid, we generally only do one insemination per cycle. Additionally, we recommend that patients do not have more than 6 AIDs, as scientific evidence has shown that there is no significant increase in the chances of becoming pregnant with a higher number of inseminations. The pregnancy rate per cycle is 25%. However, this is linked to the woman’s age. After the age of 38, success rates decrease drastically.

As regards sperm donors, FIVMadrid works with several sperm banks in Spain and abroad. These banks have many years’ experience in the field and we have achieved very good pregnancy rates with them. It is possible to choose a donor with specific physical characteristics and blood group.

If you become pregnant, your pregnancy can be considered a normal pregnancy. It is advisable to notify your obstetrician that you conceived using AID.