This technique involves introducing a selected semen sample from the male into the patient’s uterine cavity. For AI, the male must have more than 5 million selected sperm. Some women request the natural cycle method. However, we normally do personalized gentle stimulation with FSH in order to recruit 2-3 follicles in the ovary. Follicular growth is monitored through a series of ultrasounds. Once the follicle reaches maturity (more than 18 mm in diameter), ovulation is triggered with hCG. 40 hours later, the intrauterine insemination is performed. This is a painless procedure, takes five minutes and requires no sedation. Following the intrauterine insemination, the patient can go about her normal life. She must also take progesterone. A pregnancy test is taken after two weeks.

At FIVMadrid, we do only one insemination per cycle. Additionally, we recommend that patients do not have more than 3-4 AIs, as scientific evidence has shown that there is no significant increase in the chances of becoming pregnant with a higher number of inseminations.

The pregnancy rate per cycle is 15%. However, this is linked to the woman’s age. After the age of 38, success rates decrease drastically.

If you become pregnant, your pregnancy can be considered a normal pregnancy. It is advisable to notify your obstetrician that you conceived using AI.


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