Step by Step

Informative consultation - FIVMadrid

To advance in this step, we will meet again at a full exploratory gynecological appointment and we will carry out a general analysis together.

You will have a short interview with our psychologist, who will guide you through this process from an emotional and social point of view. It is important to have the signed informed consent, in this way we will know that you have understood the procedure and expressly certify your agreement in the eggs donation.

If all the results are favorable, you are eligible, since we will have ruled out any possibility of sexually transmitted and / or hereditary diseases. From this moment on we will make a new appointment to start the donation process.

Ovarian stimulation and retrieval visit - FIVMadrid

You will call us in the first days of your next period, and we will make an appointment in approximately 24 to 48 hours. One of our doctors, a specialist in Assisted Reproduction, will perform an ultrasound of your ovaries to ensure that you are fully ready to begin ovarian stimulation.

The treatment is extremely simple, and lasts approximately 10 days. The process is similar to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and we will inform you about the egg retrieval procedure, and how you might feel after the puncture.

It is important to note that egg retrieval is a painless process that involves sedation.

Most importantly, our commitment to our donors. In FIVMadrid you will be assisted by the best professionals (doctors, nurses, assistants), with a long expertise in egg donation.

Post-Retrieval Control Visit -FIVMadrid

Your experience and well being is the most important thing to us. We will perform an ultrasound a few days after the egg retrieval appointment, to see how you are doing. If you wish, you can donate again after two periods.

As we mentioned before, donating eggs has no impact on your future fertility, because the eggs that you have generously donated to another woman, would have been lost otherwise.

In the following month, you will have as many eggs again, all but one, related to the retrieval and donation performed. This is the physiological reason why you can donate multiple times without fear of losing your fertility.

It is important to highlight that current law forbids donating to women after six (6) children are born from their eggs.


From FIVMadrid, and on behalf of all those women who depend on you to have a child, our most sincere gratefulness.