More and more women are deciding to embark on the wonderful adventure of motherhood without a male partner. Approximately 10% of all patients who come to FIVMadrid to have a baby are women without a male partner. In any case, regardless of the reasons which have led you to decide to become a mother, welcome to FIVMadrid.

On your first visit to FIVMadrid, there will be an interview in which we explain how we are going to approach your case. We are completely aware that you do not necessarily have a reproductive dysfunction and initially, we will try to use the assisted reproductive treatment which most resembles the natural method. However, sometimes this is not possible. Many of you come to FIVMadrid after the age of 38 and it is known that egg quality decreases significantly with age. Therefore, we must sometimes recommend the same assisted reproductive treatments as for women with reproductive dysfunctions.

The first visit with your doctor will include an evaluation of your medical history and analysis of the information you provide. This consultation usually takes one hour, giving you enough time to ask questions and clear up any doubts you may have. If you have already visited another clinic, it is important that you bring all the information you have available.  If you have not yet had any tests, a series of tests will be ordered. The purpose is to obtain information about ovary functionality, Fallopian tube permeability and the suitability of the uterine cavity to receive the embryo. Once the test results are analyzed, a personalized treatment plan will be recommended. This will adapt to your work life and take such important factors as age and the results of previous treatments into account.

At FIVMadrid, the time between your first visit and the start of treatment is usually one month. If all is well, which is most likely, we will recommend intrauterine insemination with donor semen (AID). Some patients would like AI to be done during a natural cycle and we will do so if you wish. However, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this in advance. We will provide a thorough explanation of artificial insemination, the donors and the costs. At FIVMadrid, we generally only do one insemination per cycle. Additionally, we recommend that patients do not have more than 6 AIDs, as scientific evidence has shown that there is no significant increase in the chances of becoming pregnant with a higher number of inseminations. The pregnancy rate per cycle is 25%. However, this is linked to the woman’s age. After the age of 38, success rates decrease drastically. In any case, 90% of women without a male partner who come to FIVMadrid and undergo an assisted reproductive treatment succeed in getting pregnant. At FIVMadrid, more than 80% of pregnancies are single and 20% are twins. The clinic doctors will inform you of this possibility before doing the AI.

As regards sperm donors, FIVMadrid works with several sperm banks in Spain and abroad. These banks have many years’ experience in the field and we have achieved very good pregnancy rates with them. It is possible to choose a donor with specific physical characteristics and blood group.

Lastly, you will also meet with a financial adviser, who will explain the cost of the treatment you will be undergoing in detail. At FIVMadrid, we want to make your dreams come true. For this reason, we have set affordable prices to allow you to become a mother.