Single Mothers

Women who have chosen to be single mothers will be interviewed in their first visit to FIVMadrid, so we can assess our approach to their particular case. Initially, we would choose assisted reproduction treatments closest to natural conception. However, for women over 38 years old this may not be the case, as egg quality significantly decreases from this time on.


During the first appointment, the doctor will assess the medical history of the patient and will analyze additional background information provided. This consultation lasts approximately one hour, so there should be enough time to ask any questions and clear any doubts about the whole process. If the patient comes from another clinic, it is important to bring all the documentation acquired during this time.


If the patient does not have a recent health analysis, she’ll be requested to perform some tests in order to gather all relevant information about ovary functionality, tubal patency, and adequacy of the uterine cavity for embryo reception. Once the analysis has been delivered and checked, the patient would be indicated a treatment that best suits her daily routine and work activities.


In FIVMadrid, the elapsed time between the first consultation and the start of the treatment is usually under a month’s time frame. We want her dreams to come true, hence we offer affordable pricing so they can start their new family. A financial advisor is available to advise on costs for the whole process.


With FIVMadrid, from the time you have your first appointment, you will know for sure that you have chosen a center with extensive experience and proven professionalism because our goal and motivation is for you to achieve your pregnancy.

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