Results and Treatments verified by the Spanish Fertility Society

Why did they choose FIVMadrid? For its Experience, Excellence, Pregnancies, affordable prices, and results.

95% of the women who come to FIVMadrid, and have been treated with Artificial Insemination, IVF or Egg Donation, have achieved a pregnancy.


Our attitude towards reproductive dysfunctions, Artificial Insemination, IVF, and Egg Donation is based on the following principles:

Personalized treatments.
From the simplest to the most complex cases. Based on the recognition that each patient requires different treatment, both medically and psychologically.

Scientific rigor.
We only offer treatments backed by scientific evidence, and that have demonstrated therapeutic utility.

Oriented to develop protocols so that treatments are more effective, safe and successful.

All this together, has made FIVMadrid a national and international reference center for Artificial Insemination (AI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Egg Donation, making 97% of our patients to recommend FIVMadrid to other women.