Laboratorio Andrología

Andrology Lab

Research is one of the best known and highly regarded areas at the FIVMadrid artificial insemination and assisted reproduction clinics. At FIVMadrid, all medical and paramedical staff is required to attend scientific conferences, take part in in-service training and engage in research.  Dr. Hernández began his research work at the NIH (Bethesda, Maryland, USA), University of Maryland (Baltimore, Maryland, USA) and since 1993, the CSIC (Madrid). Dr. Ricciarelli also has research experience: as an intern with the Lalor Foundation, she spent three years at the University of Maryland.



Investigación y docencia





The current lines of clinical research at FIVMadrid involve studying GnRH antagonists in artificial insemination (AI), to prevent cancellation of cycles due to early luteinization; studying the GnRH agonist in polycystic ovaries, to prevent ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome; determining the proteins involved in embryo implantation; the use of antioxidants to improve semen quality; and determining the impact of anxiety on the results of IVF.


Some publications concerning our line of research:


“more than 200 scientific papers published and presented at national and international scientific conferences”


It is also important to mention the teaching (training classes on human reproduction) and awareness-raising work in which the professionals at FIVMadrid regularly engage (meetings with patients). In addition, FIVMadrid works with the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Complutense University of Madrid to train doctors and biologists (House Office Programme and Masters in Human Reproduction) in reproductive medicine.

Scientific Director

Dr. Eleuterio R. Hernández de Miguel

Psychology Research Department
Giuliana Baccino

Medical Research Department
José Luís Gómez-Palomares