Nutrition and reproductive health

The first thing we have to take into account in terms of nutrition and reproductive health is that improving your habits to promote your fertility is not the same as thinking that we do not get pregnant because of our habits. It is very positive to try to improve our health habits, but blaming ourselves does not help us and is not justified, since there are many factors involved in the search for pregnancy.

Nutrition and lifestyle habits are important for fertility, as they help our health, but this is when we decide to make changes. It is recommended that these changes are performed by pleasure, discovering new beneficial habits that make us feel good. They shouldn’t create additional stress for us.


Nutrition and digestive system

What we eat is as important to our health as our digestive system, since it contributes to our hormonal health.


If our digestive system is in optimal conditions, we will have a good absorption of nutrients, a good excretion of toxins and it will favor hormonal balance and immune system.


On the contrary, some intestinal discomforts such as: heavy digestion, stomach pain every time we eat, abdominal bloating (constant or that increases during the day), gas, diarrhea or frequent constipation; are some reasons why we have to consult our family doctor.


Poor nutrition can affect our reproductive health when looking for pregnancy and make the process difficult. This can result in hormonal imbalances.

A digestive system in good condition is important for a good nutritional status.


Male fertility

Certain aspects of male fertility are influenced by lifestyle and nutritional habits, so a holistic health improvement could have a benefit on fertility as well.


In order to assess the improvement of the changes made in your reproductive health, we have to wait three months, the necessary for a cycle of spermiogenesis (formation of a mature sperm) to be completed.


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Female fertility

Female fertility has several factors that influence it. Among them, nutrition and lifestyle habits.


A positive change in these aspects can improve our fertility and health in general. It is advisable to approach these adjustments as transitions that you make for yourself, your enjoyment and well-being.


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