We take care of your emotions

There is no doubt about the importance of taking care of the emotions of patients in assisted reproduction.

When heterosexual couples, lesbian couples or single women desire to become parents and ask for medical help; questions, fears and uncertainty appear. In your first visit to FivMadrid you will be able to talk with the Responsible of the Psychology Department about all these feelings.

Our Psychology Department is also very involved in research, in order to know more precisely how to help you in every stage of your treatment. Scientific evidence provides us results on how difficulties should be faced and the best way to do it.

Although our studies are presented in congresses and in scientific journals, is our intention to bring some evidence to our patients in a simple format, called Guía para Pacientes (Guidelines for patients).

The main objective of this guideline is to accompany our patients in every phase of the treatment, giving them some answers to their possible questions.

Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you feel it necessary.

Guidelines for patients