Eggs and Embryo Freezing


Egg and embryos freezing by vitrification, and their subsequent preservation in liquid nitrogen (-320ºF), has come to replace slow freezing, which was less effective in terms of survival. With vitrification, the survival of the eggs and embryos is higher than 80%.


Vitrification is the optimal and recommended technique for:


  • Fertility Preservation
  • When the male is unable to deliver a semen sample in an IVF cycle for later use
  • Preserve embryos that have not been transferred to the uterus in an IVF cycle


Embryo and eggs freezing brings certain advantages, such as not repeating the ovulation induction, an increase in chances of pregnancy success, and a lower economic cost, since the defrosting cycle is much cheaper.


In FIVMadrid, we only freeze embryos that meet strict morphological quality criteria and, therefore, a high implantation potential.