Endometrium health, what you should know

11 May, 2021

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The endometrium is the mucosa that lines the inside of the uterus and prepares itself in each menstrual cycle to receive a possible embryo, thickening its tissue. It is important that the endometrium is healthy for embryo implantation.


The endometrial study plays a key role before assisted reproduction treatment, since if health is not optimal, or there is no adequate embryo-endometrial recognition, the pregnancy will not reach term even if we have an embryo with the best characteristics.


In FIVMadrid we perform and suggest the following tests to assess the state of the endometrium:


ERA test


It consists of performing a biopsy to determine the days in which the uterine endometrium is most receptive for implantation.


The result of this test will indicate whether the endometrium is receptive during that period of time or not. In the latter case, a new biopsy would be performed, on a different day, to assess whether the implantation period could be displaced.


The Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) published a study in which it stipulates: “the use of a personalized embryo transfer on the day designated by the ERA test improves reproductive performance.”


ALICE test


It consists of analyzing the endometrial microbiome to identify pathogens related to chronic endometritis.


The results offer accurate data for future treatment and improvement of the prognosis of patients in assisted reproduction.


EMMA test


It is the endometrial biopsy for the immunohistochemical study + CD-138. It is of great help if you have suffered implantation failures or repeated miscarriages during In Vitro Fertilization cycles.


In FIVMadrid we carry out all these techniques and we have over 30 years of experience. Request a first consultation in FIVMadrid and put your family project in the hands of the experience.

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