Could Cancer affect my fertility?

15 June, 2021

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When we suffer from cancer, our fertility can be affected directly or indirectly.


If the tumor is in the sexual organs area, it affects directly regardless of the patient’s gender. On the other hand, drugs and treatments for tumors or Cancer in general, can decrease our fertility indirectly during taking or as a long-term side effect.


The risk of infertility varies based on the following factors:


  • The type of surgery.
  • The administered treatment dose.
  • The person’s age.
  • The advanced state or stage that the patient is living.



This treatment involves radiation, done through high-powered rays to eradicate Cancer cells.


If radiation therapy targets or around the sexual organs, it can severely affect fertility.


In women, the amount of radiation will determine the level of infertility, since a high dose can destroy the eggs and in turn cause early menopause.


In men, it can kill or affect the stem cells that make sperm.




A high dose of Chemotherapy drugs can cause changes or instability in fertility. In the case of women, the risks of infertility increase if the Cancer is in the abdominal or pelvic area, while in men, sperm production slows down and their quality is affected, making natural pregnancy difficult.


In FIVMadrid we recommend the Preservation of Fertility or Vitrification, to maintain an ovarian reserve that allows future pregnancy.


On the other hand, you can also do an ICSI In Vitro Fertilization or Artificial Insemination to achieve the desired pregnancy after having suffered a disease as Cancer.


Our assisted reproduction doctors will study your case and recommend the treatment that suits you and gives you the highest success rate. Request an appointment here.

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