Why should I do a Genetic Compatibility Test?

01 June, 2021

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matching genético Genetic Compatibility Test

The Genetic Compatibility Test is a study that analyzes the couple’s genes to calculate the chances that a future child will inherit certain pathologies. These pathologies are collectively called autosomal recessive diseases.

Being a genetic test, it is all related to the inheritance of patterns that are transmitted from parents to children. In many cases, the probability of transmitting an inherited disease is between 25/50% if only one of the parents has the mutation.

On the other hand, the risk can be up to 75% or more when both parents have the same mutation. This is when the CGT (compatibility genetic test) becomes important, since it allows detecting more than 6,000 types of possible mutations in genes.

The pathologies detected with the Genetic Compatibility Test usually affect around 1% of people. Among the diseases we can find polycystic kidney, spinal muscular atrophy or cystic fibrosis, among others.

CGT is very useful in cases of assisted reproduction treatments with donated eggs or sperm for possible fertilization. The compatibility between the gametes with the possible donors is studied, and the one that is genetically most compatible is selected. A procedure that FIVMadrid carries out on donors.

What happens if a Genetic Compatibility Test discovers an incompatibility?

If this scenario appears, an In Vitro Fertilization with a PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) can be performed. Thanks to PGD, the embryos with the best characteristics can be selected in the laboratory to be implanted and any hereditary disease can be ruled out.

Likewise, it is possible to resort to the adoption of embryos that come from assisted reproduction treatments previously carried out by women or couples who have formed a family, and who decide voluntarily, anonymously and altruistically, to help other women or couples, to form a family. These embryos have been studied beforehand to rule out pathologies.

In FIVMadrid you can request a first consultation so that one of our assisted reproduction doctors can learn about your case and suggest the most appropriate study to start your family project.

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