Single-parent family: one more of the families

18 May, 2021

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The single parent family, or single mothers, is a reality that is increasingly present in society; and in the parks.


When at FIVMadrid we decided, back in 2010, to give a public presence to the maternal desire of single women, FIVMadrid responded by offering this service on its website, being the first clinic, together with a small number of brave women, to break traditional single roles.


What at first was considered anecdotal, a decade later single-parent motherhood has caught on with such force that, according to Carlos Mejía, in the newspaper El País, single first-time mothers already outnumber married women in the search for motherhood and In the United States, half of the nation’s children will reach the age of 18 having been raised by single mothers.


The American newspaper Washington Post also echoes this phenomenon since, in the Assisted Reproduction Clinics, the number of single women seeking motherhood increased significantly during the pandemic.


The article also echoes the economic and logistical difficulties of the single-parent family; and closes with a tip from Janes Mattes, founder in 1981 of the organization “Single Mothers by Choice”.


Jane, also a single mother, stresses the need to have someone by your side to guide and help you “because, although you can make your child grow as a single mother, you cannot do it alone”


In Spain there is also a similar support organization with which FIVMadrid has been collaborating since its inception: MASOLA.


You will find yourself at home.