Infertility: primary or secondary

16 August, 2021

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As we have discussed on other occasions, primary or secondary infertility can be due to a large number of factors in men and women, which cover a range of physical and emotional origins that can be present in one or both parts of the couple.


In the case of determining whether infertility is primary or secondary, it is important to know how to distinguish between the two.


Primary infertility is attributed to couples who, naturally and for at least one year of trying to conceive, do not achieve the desired pregnancy. All this taking into account the ovulatory cycle of the woman, the performance of the act without using contraceptive methods and maintaining a stable frequency throughout that period of time.


To speak of a primary infertility, it must be diagnosed by a specialist doctor. It should be taken into account that the probability in a healthy and young couple (between 20 and 30 years old) to conceive is in the order of 20% to 30% each month. In order for us to determine if you have this type of infertility, you must have undergone at least two miscarriages, so it is not usually too common.


On the other hand, secondary infertility is more frequent. The causes of it can be due to those related to primary infertility, but also to factors such as changes in habits and lifestyle that negatively impact reproductive health.


In women, the main cause of this type of infertility is usually directly related to age, the time that has elapsed between one pregnancy and another, and the quality of their eggs.


Other common causes would be endometriosis, hormonal problems, lack of control of the ovulatory cycle, cysts, polyps as well as consequences of another series of diseases.


In the case of men, it can be due to diseases or infections, physical or psychological disorders, problems related to the quality of sperm and ejaculation, as well as the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.


To rule out possible infertility


If you think that you, your partner or both show signs of infertility, be it primary or secondary, you can request a free first informative visit with one of our specialists in reproductive medicine, we will evaluate your case and carry out the necessary diagnostic tests to determine the possible cause and treatment.


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