Male infertility: could it be me?

04 May, 2021

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Infertility affects between 12% – 15% of the population in reproductive age. In heterosexual couples, women are considered, in most cases, as the causative agent of infertility. The reality is that 50% of infertility in heterosexual couples is due to men.


Between 30% and 40% of male infertility cases are found in the testes, which are the glands that produce testosterone and sperm.


Reproductive problems in men are mainly due to the production and maturation of sperm, these being the main causes of male infertility in assisted reproduction treatments.


Among the most common causes of infertility in men are that the sperm has an abnormal shape, it does not complete the necessary maturation before it is expelled, or it has mobility problems. We can also find cases in which man does not produce semen (Azoospermia) or produces in very low quantities (Oligospermia).


In addition, Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, injuries, surgeries, or infections such as mumps, can cause damage to the testicles.


Among other problems that enhance male infertility are long-term or chronic diseases, obesity, drugs or the adverse reaction to some medications.


Finally Stanford Children’s Health publishes as additional influencing factors “the defective discharge of sperm in the female genital tract, caused by impotence or premature ejaculation”.


If you have been looking for a pregnancy with your partner for a year or more without success, you should go to an assisted reproduction specialist so that he can determine the cause and the treatment that best suits to achieve the conception of the baby.


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