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28 June, 2021

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Medicine has evolved technologically and socially, embracing sexual diversity and offering joint motherhood to those lesbian couples who want to start a family. It is estimated that between 1% -5% of the world’s female population is made up of lesbians and that almost 30-50% of them, either alone or in tune with their partners, feel the desire to be a mother.


Equal marriage in Spain was legalized on July 3rd, 2005. This initiative allowed lesbians the right to a pension, inheritance, joint adoption and pregnancy through assisted reproductive techniques.


The considerable increase in marriage between lesbians has exceeded in numbers that of couples between men, since in order to formalize the joint motherhood it is necessary to be married, as well as to be able to carry out the ROPA Method – a method in which the fertilized ovum of one of the components of the couple is gestated in the womb of its partner- (Mirales Magazine, 02 Jan 2020)


In FIVMadrid we were the first clinic in Spain that fearlessly began treating lesbian patients and we are proud that since 1992, we have helped more than 50,000 women to realize their dream and to form different models of family members. In addition, the first assisted reproduction clinic to have an Internet website dedicated exclusively to single women and lesbian couples who wanted to be mothers, because from the first moment we understood the need that this group of women had and that a family is formed from the beginning.


In FIVMadrid we will recommend the treatment that best suits your case after an exhaustive study carried out by our assisted reproduction specialists.


Artificial Insemination


Artificial Insemination with Donor Semen (AID) is the first recommended treatment for women who do not have a male partner. It is the simplest treatment that does not require any intervention in the operating room, but also the one with the least positive results.


In Vitro Fertilization


IVF is an assisted reproduction treatment that consists of ovarian stimulation of the woman, to later extract those eggs and fertilize them in vitro, that is, in a laboratory. Using modern techniques such as Time – Lapse, in FIVMadrid we assure you that we choose the best quality embryos to achieve the desired pregnancy.


Couple’s Egg Reception (ROPA)


It is a treatment that allows two women to be biological mothers of the same baby. One provides the eggs that are fertilized with donor sperm and transferred to the uterus of the other, so that the baby of both grows inside it. There is nothing more beautiful than sharing the process of bringing a son or daughter into the world.


If you are interested in starting your family project in FIVMadrid, but you are concerned about the time you need to dedicate to it, you should know that the period that elapses from the first visit to the start of treatment is usually a month.


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