Stress and anxiety affect assisted reproduction

24 May, 2021

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estrés y ansiedad

Difficulty having children when the person or partner wishes to have them results in a picture of stress and anxiety generated by unsuccessful attempts to achieve pregnancy naturally.


Many women and couples come to the consultation with a negative predisposition for the time previously invested without success. Stress affects fertility directly through the autonomic, endocrine and immune nervous systems, and indirectly through behavioral disorders and sexual relations.


Stress and anxiety are presented by negative anticipation of the results of the treatments, by the approach of new scenarios such as donation of gametes, adaptation to the problem, doubts about the effectiveness, or the possible impact on their health or that of their offspring.


On the other hand, the expectation of clinical results of the different assisted reproduction treatments causes a significant emotional burden that has a negative impact when undergoing a cycle.


The newspaper El Mundo published an article highlighting the percentage of women who suffer from depression in search of a pregnancy, which are around 10.1% and anxiety reaches 22.2%.


In FIVMadrid we accompany all our patients and couples from the first moment. Emotional support is as important to us as personalized diagnosis and treatment. We firmly believe that the path to motherhood becomes easier if we emotionally empathize with each of you.


All the FIVMadrid staff take care of the little details so that you feel at home.


Request a first informative or diagnostic consultation, and start your family project hand in hand with the experience.

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