Do you know molar pregnancy?

21 June, 2021

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embarazo molar

Molar pregnancy is the result of deformed growth of the placenta as a result of abnormal fertilization of the ovum. This type of pregnancy is also known as a hydatidiform mole.


In molar pregnancy, the placenta becomes a fluid-filled mass of tissue in snowflakes shape or bunches of grapes.


There are two types of molar pregnancies, partial or complete.


Partial molar pregnancy:


In this scenario it is possible that normal placental tissue coexists with that irregular one. This type of pregnancy is produced by the formation of the embryo or fetus that does not reach full development, causing a spontaneous abortion in the first phase of pregnancy.


Complete molar pregnancy:


In this case, the placental tissue becomes inflamed and thickened with the appearance of fluid-filled cysts, preventing the formation of the fetus.




  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Severe vomiting
  • Intermittent bright red or dark brown leaks during the first trimester
  • Pelvic pain
  • Excessive or abnormal growth of the uterus


Molar pregnancy can be diagnosed by a blood test to measure the level of hormones during pregnancy, or by a pelvic ultrasound.


This type of pregnancy is caused by the fertilization of an egg with one or two sperm loaded with the father’s genetic material, inactivating the mother’s genes and duplicating the existing ones.


Also, the mother’s chromosomes can remain, but the father provides two sets of chromosomes resulting in an embryo with 69 instead of 46 normal.


Molar pregnancy emotionally and psychologically affects women / couples who suffer it, since at the beginning the symptoms are the same as a normal pregnancy. In the first weeks, no abnormalities are manifested, until a subsequent ultrasound that detects the irregularity and appearance of the embryo.


If you present any symptoms described above, go to your doctor so that he can carry out the pertinent tests and diagnose the most effective treatment.

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